How to Prepare Your Tropical Plants for Florida Winter

Even though Florida winter isn’t going to bring brutally cold temperatures or snow, but it is colder than the rest of the year. Although that doesn’t mean a lot for the plants most of the country is used to, tropical plants, shrubs, and trees are different. 

Tropical plants thrive in Florida because much of the year is very hot, humid, and rainy. But when the weather turns cool in the winter your tropical shrubs are likely to suffer. To keep your plants alive through the winter follow these tropical plant tips.

Use drop cloths to cover tropical shrubs and smaller trees.

The best advice for tropical plants is to bring them inside, but that isn’t possible when you’re talking about landscape features like shrubs and saplings. You can use old sheets, blankets, or cloth tarps to cover the bushes. This helps protect them from any frost (frozen dew). Read More