Taylor first began cutting grass when he was 11 years old with a bicycle and a push mower placed upon a trailer he made from an old garden wagon. One day while he was cutting his fathers lawn, a neighbor drove by and asked if he could cut her lawn while her husband was out of town. For the next several weeks, Taylor continued to mow the property until the husband returned. Once the husband had seen the work and quality that Taylor had placed in his work, he decided to have him continue to mow the lawn. After a year or so, a small brown patch had developed in the grass and need replacement. Taylor gave an estimate for the replacement and completed the task. Once the neighbors saw him doing this work, one asked if their entire back yard could be replaced. Taylor agreed and completed this work as well. Once again another neighbor saw this work being done and this lead to a complete overhaul of the yard, including replacement of the irrigation, sod, and palm trees.

Taylor elected to switch high schools and go to East Bay High School due to their massive agriculture program. There, he became apart of the FFA and leased an acre of land to start a tree farm and nursery operation; all while still mowing lawns on the weekend. Based up his business operations, he completed with other FFA members from around the state and won the diversified horticulture division for Florida. This resulted in moving on to regionals, which he won, and then to nationals in which he was second.

After high school Taylor went to Florida Gulf Coast University to study Environmental Engineering. He traveled from Fort Myers to Apollo Beach every weekend to landscape yards and mow 30 different properties. He graduated in May of 2014 with a bachelors of engineering but elected to not pursue it. Taylor finds great pride in working with his hands and helping clients understand how plants can be used to enhance a space. He has worked on commercial projects, such as malls and entry ways, to residential houses on projects such as water features and tropical gardens. He believes that no two clients are the same and therefore no two yards should look the same. Customers and follow up service are critical components that he incorporates into everything he does.

Taylor purchased Tropicsapes from Troy Gordon in June of 2016. Taylor has known Troy since high school and when Troy decided it was time to retire, Taylor filled his shoes. Taylor still operates the landscape company he started after college, Oasis Palms and landscaping, in conjunction with Tropicscapes.

Mac, our in house designer, has over 30 years experience designing landscaping; Working in multiple disciplines ranging from commercial to residential to theme parks.