How to Successfully Care for Palm Trees All Year Round


Successfully Care for Palm TreesSuccessfully Care for Palm Trees

Palm trees are quintessential here in Florida, and it seems that no yard is complete without one. Keeping palm trees healthy requires a little extra work, as they have their own unique care requirements, but the end result is worth it.

At TropicScapes, we use palm trees in many of our landscaping designs. We want everyone to know the best practices to care for palm trees so they will last a lifetime.  Read More

How Much Water Does Your Lawn Need During Florida’s Winter Months?

How Much Water Does Your Lawn NeedHow Much Water Does Your Lawn Need During Winter Months?

Now that the brutal heat of summer is finally waning away, homeowners are starting to think about fall and winter lawn care

Here in sunny Florida, we don’t have a hard and cold winter like most places in the U.S., so our growing season runs right on through until very late in the year. However, grass and other plants that grow here in the winter don’t require the same upkeep as they do in the summer. This is because the summer sun is so harsh here that it just dries out the landscape, leaving lawns parched and in need of extra watering.  Read More

The Top Landscape Design Trends of 2021

Landscape DesignThe Top Landscape Design Trends

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has forever affected many parts of our daily lives, including the amount of time we spend in our home’s outdoor spaces. As people quarantined at home, our backyards became sanctuaries for family barbecues, game nights, and amateur gardening again. 

We’ve been loving the effort our customers are putting into their lawns and gardens these days! We’ve picked up on these landscape design trends of 2021 as more and more people are moving towards the use of natural and sustainable landscaping options: Read More

Florida’s Seasonal Guide to Landscaping

Guide to LandscapingSeasonal Guide to Landscaping

Florida’s subtropical climate allows landscapes to pop with color all year long. However, Florida’s hot, humid weather causes special issues that landscapers have to manage. Follow this seasonal guide to landscaping to keep your lawn looking its best no matter what:


Summer can be a brutal time for Florida lawns with little to no shade, not to mention the oppressive humidity. You definitely need to consider this when choosing plants and grass for these sun-scorched areas.  Read More

What Plants Thrive In Florida’s Hot Summer Months

What Plants Thrive In Hot Summer MonthsWhat Plants Thrive In Hot Summer Months

Florida landscapers can choose from some of the most beautiful tropical plants in the world. Planting flowers and greenery that thrive in our brutal summer sun will guarantee your yard looks great while others turn brown and wilt. A few of the best plants to survive the hot summer months are:

  • Crepe Myrtle

No southern yard is complete without an assortment of crepe myrtles. These sun-loving, drought-tolerant blooms come in a variety of colors and will grow almost anywhere. Use them for showy flowers during the hot summer months. Read More

12 Plants That Thrive in the Sun

Choosing sun-loving plants here in Florida is a must. There’s a reason we’re called the Sunshine state! Try these 12 plants that thrive in the sun:

Originally from Madagascar and believed by some to be the same plant that adorned Christ’s crown of thorns, this cactus-like plant shoots out dainty pink or white flowers on a thorny stem. Wear gloves when handling Crown of Thorns, as its sap can be mildly poisonous. Read More

Do I Need an Irrigation System for My Lawn?

Irrigation SystemDo I Need an Irrigation System for My Lawn?

Spring and summer in Florida can be a very dry time, especially when droughts occur. This makes the proper irrigation of your lawn and garden all the more important. 

Dry weather doesn’t last forever, but your diligent watering efforts during this dry season will ensure that your outdoor landscaping remains vibrant and healthy for many years to come. 

Rather than using unreliable guesswork to water your lawn each week, consider installing an irrigation system for your lawn.  Read More