Considerations for Planting Tropical Trees in the Height of Summer

Florida’s tropical climate means that you can pretty much plant tropical trees and shrubs at any time of the year, except winter. Although it is best to plant most things in the early to late spring, planting in the height of summer is still possible. There are a few things to remember while you are planting tropical trees and shrubs in the summer.

Plant During Rainfall

When you first plant a tropical tree or palm in your yard, it’s going to need a lot of water. The summers in Florida are fairly rainy seasons, so it is usually recommended that you plant in the early summer. Even in the late summer, your tropical tree will get a lot of natural watering. But with the heat, it might need a little boost. Make sure you keep the soil moist and let us know if you have questions about a watering schedule.

Your Tree Won’t Grow

It might seem like your tree has died or isn’t growing appropriately when you first plant it. You’re not actually going to see a lot of new growth on tropical trees in the first year. Their energy, nutrients, and sun are being utilized to grow deep, strong roots.

The Sooner the Better

Even though June is coming to a close, it isn’t too late to plant tropical trees, but you should do it soon. Palms and similar trees are most vulnerable during their first winter. The more time your tree has to establish roots and become healthy and strong before that change of season, the more likely it will be to survive.

If you are thinking about adding a palm or other tropical tree in your yard, contact us today to learn the best options.

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