Your Guide to Using Outdoor Lighting for All It’s Worth

There are few home improvement projects that can dramatically improve your exterior landscape like outdoor lighting. However, achieving the perfect outdoor lighting isn’t a simple task. It requires a careful blend of art and science to transform an outdoor environment into something magical. This is exactly why it pays to work with a professional lighting company like TropicScapes Landscape Design & Installation in Tampa, Florida.  

Consider Your Spotlights

Each fixture in your yard, ranging from stairs and large trees to pathways and retaining walls, will need a unique type of lighting to look most attractive at night. Some fixtures will need overall lighting coverage, others will require focal lighting, and some will thrive in task lighting. Properly matching each fixture with the right source of lighting will strengthen and improve your entire arrangement.

For example, a small tree will look best with one two 250 lumen uplights, while taller trees might need as many as five uplights to stand out in the dark. Your patio, however, should be emphasized with a gentle moonlight effect to create a cozy atmosphere for you and your guests.

Lighting Up and Down

Uplighting and downlighting are two of the most powerful lighting techniques to add subtle yet attractive light to every component of your outdoor landscape.

Uplighting is often achieved through techniques known as highlighting, silhouetting, and scalloping. While highlighting works best with trees, plants, and large structures by shining lights up from the base, silhouetting takes another approach by illuminating a wall behind a large plant to create subtle lighting. Scalloping is a fun way to add texture and attention to a long wall, because it involves placing small lights at intervals along the wall’s base. Downlighting, on the other hand, is created with moonlighting and accenting. These techniques shine light down onto fixtures like trees and dense foliage by installing lights high above the target.

Fortunately, you don’t need to master all of these outdoor lighting techniques on your own. TropicScapes Landscape Design & Installation can design and install a lighting system that is custom-made specifically for your own landscape. Since they service all lighting systems and offer a 20-year to lifetime warranty on all fixtures, you can trust that your outdoor lighting system will always look its best. Call TropicScapes today at (813) 518-8487 to begin transforming your outdoor space.   

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