How to Naturally Repel Insects from Your Home

Repel InsectsNaturally Repel Insects from Your Home

Nobody wants to spend the summer swatting away insects, but using insect repellants loaded with toxins and chemicals isn’t the most appealing idea either. Fortunately, a much healthier and attractive solution exists in a way that you might not expect. You can actually selectively grow a variety of herbs and flowers that are known to repel insects and help you enjoy your outdoor environment as much as possible.

Plant Savory Herbs

Basil, bay leaves, and fennel are just a few of the best herbs to add to your garden. Since basil can repel insects like mosquitoes and houseflies, two of the very worst summer pests in Florida, you can plant basil containers by your front and back doors and around areas where you like to gather with friends and family. You’ll enjoy the perks all summer long, and you can even harvest some of that basil to enjoy in your favorite recipes. Bay leaves can also repel flies, and fennel takes it a step above by keeping aphids, slugs, snails, and other garden enemies out of your yard.

Use Lavender For Its Impressive Versatility

Lavender is the golden child of the essential oil world, and the plant works just as many wonders. By growing lavender close to your home, you can repel insects like moths, mosquitoes, flies, and even fleas. There is a reason this beautiful plant has been used for centuries! The smell is comforting and gentle, and it can add a touch of elegance to the sunny areas of your garden and entryways to your home. You can even bring bunches of lavender indoors to make the environment unappealing to houseflies.

Lemongrass Will Keep Mosquitos at Bay

Lemongrass has become a very popular natural bug repellant. Residents of Florida are lucky enough to live in a climate that is warm enough to sustain the growth of the lemongrass plant. Nurture it in a pot or soil, as long as it gets plenty of sun and stays well-drained. The mere presence of the lemongrass plant will discourage mosquitoes from coming close.

These delightful plants give you a great way to naturally distance yourself from bugs this summer. For extra professional help creating a landscape that can be enjoyed without bugs nipping at your legs, call (813) 518-8487 to contact the experts at TropicScapes Landscape Design and Installation. This Tampa landscaping company can provide everything from strategic outdoor lighting to the construction of hardscapes that help you capitalize on your outdoor space all year long.

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