Plant Care Information

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We have included a plant care sheet that we hope will help you in caring for your landscaping and lawn.

Plant Care

Plant CareHerbicide:
Immediately after installation all plant beds would benefit from installation of granular herbicide. We recommend Preen. Install herbicide carefully.

All palms can be fertilized 3 months after installation with Lesco’s 8-10-10 tropical mix. When applying keep the fertilizer at least 12 inches away from the trunk of the tree as death could occur if fertilizer is put up against the trunk. Repeat fertilizing every 3 months.

General trees & shrubs:
Most shrubs can be fertilized with Lesco’s 12-12-12 three months after installation and every 3-4 months thereafter. In applying use the same methods as the palms in keeping fertilizer away from the plant’s trunk or stem area.

Tropicals & Exotics:
Usually you can use the shrub application guidelines for the tropicals. Osmocote 12-12-12 is an excellent product but pricey. Lesco 8-10-10 works great also.

Acid loving shrubs such asĀ azaleas, gardenias, and camellias, require a fertilizer specifically designed for them. Vigoro makes an excellent product.

Always water fertilizer in with irrigation system or install it right before a rainy day for good plant care.

Watering should be done everyday for the first month after installation especially in the summer months. Very shady areas do not require as much.
You can cut back to every third day after that.

Handwatering of large trees and Palms should continue everyday for 5 minutes a tree in the summer and every other day in the winter.

Set irrigation watering for early in the morning, 40-55 minutes per zone and preferably not at night as sometimes fungus can occur in sod especially in cool nights. Shady locations may require less water. Use good judgment during rainy seasons and if you have well draining soil or if soil holds water. Drip irrigation zones may require less. Please check with installer.

An overall safe and broad chemical is Malathion. Liquid Sevin and Orthene can also be used. Apply 3-4 times a year or as needed. Use label rates or if unsure hire a licensed pest control professional.

Freeze Care:
If a freeze is forecasted there are several things to do especially if you have a tropical landscape.

  1. Water-in the landscape the day before the forecasted freeze. Shut off all irrigation the morning of a freeze.
  2. Put cloth sheets or light blankets over tender or newly planted tropicals and exotics. Plastic can be placed on the blankets to give further protection but never directly on the plants.
  3. When temperature reaches 40 degrees remove blankets.
  4. If you have a heated pool, run the heater all night as to produce steam. This will keep the air around the pool a couple of degrees warmer.
  5. If foliage browns leave it and do not cut it back until the end of April. This will be a natural covering for future foliage and will provide warmth for the root system.

Lawn Care

Use Scotts Bonus S every change of season with exception in the winter months. From November to March use Scotts Winterizer Bonus S. Lesco is another good product. 16-4-8 is the best.
Apply at label rates.

Triazicide granules is suggested to be applied at each fertilization.