The Top 3 Decisions to Make About Your Landscape Design

When you purchased your home, you probably had a very definite idea of what you wanted your lawn to look like. If you are ready to make that dream a reality, it is time to consider landscape design. You may think you know what you want, but there are some things that you need to consider when making your decisions. These three main decisions will most greatly influence your landscape design.

The Use of Your Yard

How your yard will be used is an important consideration in landscape design. If you have children or grandchildren that will be playing in the yard, you want to make sure that you choose grass sod and plants that will stand up to the potential abuse. If you will be primarily using your yard for entertaining company, you might want to take that into consideration to add more shady places and beautiful gardens to your home.


Having a theme to your landscaping can give your yard a unique look while also giving you the ability to express your personality in a unique way. There are a lot of themes that you could choose from. You could go with a color theme, choosing plants of specific colors. You might also choose a theme such as a specific type of plant, like having different types of roses. If you really want to get creative, you could use your favorite movie, song, painting, or television show as inspiration for your landscaping.

Linking Spaces

Your entire yard and lawn doesn’t have to be dedicated to the same purpose, theme, or landscape design. You may want to think of your yard as an extension of your house, meaning that it is one space with multiple “rooms.” Thinking of your landscaping in this way, you may want to designate different areas of your yard for different purposes, creating your landscape design to suit each individually but linking them together with a common theme or purpose.

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