Three Reasons to Include Shrubs in Your Landscape Design

There are a lot of things to consider when you are designing your landscape. One of the design elements that many people fail to consider is shrubs. There are many different types of shrubs available, with tropical shrubs for tropical escapes or other unique shrubs for a more traditional landscape. Here are three great reasons to include shrubs in your landscape design.

Complements Other Plants

Shrubs complement other plants in your lawn and garden, and not just aesthetically. Certain types of shrubs can keep certain pests away from your lawn and garden, protecting your other plants. Shrubs also absorb excess water and nutrients out of the soil, which can be dangerous to the other plants in your landscape.

Stop Erosion

If you have areas of your landscape that are prone to erosion due to rain runoff or other factors, shrubs could be the solution. Shrubs have very complex root systems that penetrate deep into the soil, holding it in place and discouraging erosion. This added benefit of shrubs can save your yard from flooding or being washed out in a storm.

Create a Windbreak

Planting shrubs near fragile plants in your garden can create a windbreak, protecting them from heavy winds and rains. Planting shrubs near your home has the same effect and can actually lower your heating and cooling costs. You can also use them to create a windbreak and privacy along your driveways or walkways.

If you are looking at redesigning your landscape, contact us today for more information. We handle all aspects of your landscape design and work with you to ensure that the plants you love are included in your landscape. Contact us today for more information or to get started with an estimate and consultation.

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