Tips for Successful Palm Tree Care

Palm Tree CareSuccessful Palm Tree Care

Does anything conjure up the feelings of warmth, sun, and sand better than the palm tree? If you’re lucky enough to live in South Tampa or anywhere around Florida, you get to enjoy warm temperatures and sunshine nearly all year long, and this enables you to utilize sun-loving palm trees in your landscaping. However, those beautiful palm trees don’t take care of themselves. You will need to apply a certain amount of maintenance in order to keep your palms thriving and free from disease. These basic tips for palm tree care will lead you in the right direction–for more direct support, you can reach out to TropicScapes Landscape Design and Installation in South Tampa.

First and foremost, you need to pick the right palm for your location. Just about any palm tree can grow happily in Florida, but certain palm species will thrive better in specific locations around your yard. Larger palms need room to grow and hog the sun and soil, while smaller shrubs can be worked together with other plants and flowers.

Palm Tree Care Tip 1: Get Ready to Water

Your palm tree will require more watering when it is newly planted, so plan to water at least twice a week for the first six months of its life. One watering can will hardly get the job done; you need to add enough water to help the moisture penetrate about 18 inches into the ground. Your landscaping company can give you exact guidelines, as the amount of water your tree needs will fluctuate based on your type of soil. Sandy soils require more water, since they don’t retain moisture as well.

Palm Tree Care Tip 2: Fertilize

Palm trees are much like Goldilocks when it comes to fertilization: not too much, but not too little. One or twice during the growing season should do the trick, but you can’t use a cheap fertilizer that you found hidden in the far reaches of your garage. Palm trees need specially formulated fertilizers that accommodate specific nutrient deficiencies like manganese, potassium, and magnesium.

Palm Tree Care Tip 3: Pruning

You definitely do not want to overprune your palm tree, but you also don’t want it suffering from fronds that are diseased or dead. As a general rule of thumb, allow your palm tree to shed its fronds naturally unless you see any that are yellow, brown, or visibly old and damaged. It’s important to remove these quickly so that they do not seep nutrients away from younger fronds.

For additional help caring for your palm trees, give TropicScapes Landscape Design and Installation in South Tampa a call at 813-518-8487. They specialize in landscape design and installation, and can give you customized tips to ensure your palms thrive through every season.

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