What Plants Thrive In Florida’s Hot Summer Months

What Plants Thrive In Hot Summer MonthsWhat Plants Thrive In Hot Summer Months

Florida landscapers can choose from some of the most beautiful tropical plants in the world. Planting flowers and greenery that thrive in our brutal summer sun will guarantee your yard looks great while others turn brown and wilt. A few of the best plants to survive the hot summer months are:

  • Crepe Myrtle

No southern yard is complete without an assortment of crepe myrtles. These sun-loving, drought-tolerant blooms come in a variety of colors and will grow almost anywhere. Use them for showy flowers during the hot summer months.

Bog sage’s name doesn’t do the plant justice. These gorgeous, sky-blue blooms are incredibly easy to grow and add a vibrant pop of color to any landscape. The beautiful blossoms last longer than most flowers, especially in Florida’s hot summer months.

  • Agave

Florida boasts two native agave plants: Agave decipiens and agave neglecta. Both do great in full sun, but only one is readily available for landscapers. Agave decipiens, or False Sisal, is perfect for all Florida lawns as it is resistant to drought, flood, and salt spray. Agave can also live in gritty, sandy soil. Its spiny green leaves shoot out from its center and add an element of tropical interest to your lawn. Agave neglecta, also known as Wild Century Plant or Small’s Agave, is so rare that the only known samples are from research studies. No wild populations of agave neglecta exist to our knowledge.

  • African Iris (Dietes)

This eye-catching flower will have the neighbors asking where you got it. African Irises go by many other names, including Fortnight Lily and Wood Iris. Purple or deep red centers contrast against white and yellow petals on these stunning perennials. 

  • Acalypha Copper Leaf (Acalypha wilkesiana)

Planting Acalypha Copper Leaf in the bright sun will ensure the most vibrant, colorful leaves possible. This South Pacific native plant loves the blistering heat and is available in a variety of colors, including copper, cream, yellow, pink, and orange. Each leaf on this shrub will be unique, and some varieties feature a brightly colored leaf outline. If you’re bored with plain green shrubs, Acalypha Copper Leaf is for you.

  • Marigolds (Tagetes)

Known for their bright, long-lasting blooms, marigolds are a landscaper’s secret weapon for a pop of color. Marigolds come in almost as many colors as you can imagine, are affordable, and are readily available. With over 50 different varieties in existence, there’s a marigold out there for everyone’s taste.

A lively, healthy yard is a Florida necessity. Use the hot summer months to your advantage with beautiful plants bred to withstand even the hottest temperatures. Our landscaping experts at Tropiscapes will develop a custom plan for your South Tampa lawn using plants that thrive in the heat, humidity, hurricanes, and more. Call (813) 518-8487 to schedule your landscape design consultation today!

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