Why Tropical Plants Are Best for Florida Lawns

If you are new to Florida, you may not be acclimated to the tropical climate. In fact, Florida is very tropical, with mild winters and rainy summers, not to mention tropical storms. But how does this climate affect the best plants for Florida lawns? 

Florida’s climate is very warm, has a long rainy season, and only really gets cool or dry for a couple of months of the winter. This means that you need to have plants that are resistant to overwatering because they get a lot of water from the frequent storms.

But your plants also have to be resistant to drought so that they survive during the short winter season. This is a contradictory but necessary requirement, and only tropical plants can fulfill both needs.

In addition, Florida lawns may have unique soil makeup and conditions. Some properties may have more sand like soil or clay than healthy soil for the plants you were familiar with in other states and climates. These varying soil types are best addressed with tropical plants.

Finally, tropical plants are resistant to salt in the air, which is frequent and common in most areas of Florida. Many of the plants used in other parts of the country are not suitable for these saltwater environments.

If you are new to Florida and want to personalize your landscaping, contact us today for ideas and information.

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