Why You Should Consider Your Lawn’s Ecosystem

Do you ever think of your lawn as an ecosystem? Most people don’t consider this, but it is an important part of planning your landscaping for your lawn. Every outdoor space is an ecosystem, both of its own and as a part of the larger scheme of things. Your lawn’s ecosystem is part of your neighborhood’s ecosystem, and the neighborhood is part of the city, part of the state, part of the country, etc. 

While it can seem impossible to take into consideration every impact your lawn will have on the environment, it can be somewhat controlled, at least within your small realm of influence, namely your yard. There are a lot of factors to the ecosystem of your lawn.

First, the ecosystem is made up of the soil, the existing plants or grass, the wildlife that visits your lawn, and insects common to the area. Everything you plant in your landscape should be synergistic with everything else in your lawn.

Your lawn is also unique because of several different factors. Each lawn has unique challenges with erosion, irrigation, and fertilization, all of which can affect the delicate balance of the elements of your landscape. You must consider these factors, as well, when planning your lawn. Problems such as erosion can be resolved with deep root plants like tropical shrubs or trees.

If you aren’t sure what you should include in your landscaping plan that will compliment the ecosystem of your lawn and the neighborhood, we can help. We can survey your lawn and make recommendations for the best plants, shrubs, and trees to plant to sustain your lawn in a beautiful and synchronistic way.

If you are ready to plan your landscape, contact us today for more information or assistance. 

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